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Social First - It's our mission to revolutionize your marketing world through social media, generating measurable business results.


Social Media Strategy

Let us plan for you!


We develop your social media strategy. First, we help you define the social media goals of your business. Then we check your current social media status and your social media presence. We develop your content strategy based on your social media goals and create additional profiles if needed. We track the progress of our actions with Analytics and tailor our strategy as needed. We create your Instagram ads, Facebook marketing campaigns and social media promotions.

Content Creation - Social Media Photography

Photos are the currency of the digital age


With 263 sunny days a year, fabulous beaches, a bustling cityscape and a scene driven by international trendsetters, Los Angeles provides the ideal backdrop to stage your product. We will create content that will inspire your followers. Our posts are modern, well-composed, creative and tell authentically beautiful stories. Instagram is a platform that promotes creative expression and storytelling. Curated feeds engage users with product features, playful stories or simply beautiful pictures. Facebook has become synonymous with social media over the years, and for good reason: in 2018 there are over 2.2 billion active Facebook user accounts. With so many people to reach, we can maximize your content strategy and ensure that your posts appear in the news feed of your defined audience. The answer is simpler than you think: Engage fans and generate interest with high quality, optimized photos. Our social media content creation team will make sure to meet your needs.


Content Creation & Social Media Photography by Your L.A. Office


Community Management

Community Management

Your followers are your business card - we take care of them!

After building a solid strategy, we immerse into your brand's channels to engage with potential and current customers, brand fans, the media and other interested audiences. We manage your community. Through editorial planning, monitoring and moderation we create lively and committed social media communities. Prizes, competitions and surveys are another way to increase the engagement and interest of your followers and tie them to your brand. We offer community management during business hours and on weekends.

Media Buying

Social Media Marketing, Instagram Business & Facebook Advertising, Google Adwords


Buying social media ads is proven to be more cost effective than traditional advertising. By customizing your ads to the language and aesthetics of your audience, we guarantee your ads will resonate well. Since Facebook changed the organic content algorithm in 2013, paid media placement has become an important part of social media strategies. Total media ad spending worldwide will rise 7.4% to $628.63 billion in 2018, according to eMarketer's latest report, "Global Ad Spending: The eMarketer Forecast for 2018." Digital media will account for 43.5% of investments, thanks to rising global ecommerce spending and shifting viewership from traditional TV to digital channels. By 2020, digital’s share of total advertising will near 50% (eMarketeer May 7, 2018). With social media platforms, ad blocks and precise targeting, there are more online options than ever before and the ad channels are clearly shifting to online content marketing. Therefore, brands need help placing and optimizing their media purchases. According to Meekers, 78% of Facebook users aged 18 to 34 (Millennium Generation) first discovered a product on Facebook.

For Instagram and Pinterest users it is 59%. 55% of consumers aged 18 to 65 bought a product online after discovering it on social media. Meanwhile, half of the world's population, 3.6 billion people are using the internet. If you do not see social media as a top channel to showcase your products to potential customers, you're missing out on a huge opportunity.


Influencer Outreach

Let influencers speak for you.

Top reviews are the most powerful marketing tool that a brand can have. Especially valuable are reviews and content about your brand coming from influencers. But influencer content must authentic. Talk to us about the possibility to engage influencers as brand ambassadors.


Our success is measurable!


Our success is transparent and verifiable. We document our actions and prove our progress with clear statistics. See for yourself:


Everything online - web design, Facebook & Instagram marketing


We worked with our client Redwood Ranch Three Rivers, CA for 3.5 years, establishing and maintaining all their online presences. From designing and launching their website to building and running their Instagram account and Facebook page, all their networking and advertising accounts as well as designing and sourcing their promotional products. We were solely responsible for placing their Facebook campaigns, Instagram promotions, Google Ads and updating and monitoring their Google Business, Yelp Account and all accounts linked below. Through strategic community building, targeted online marketing and oversight of Google Analytics website data, Instagram Insights and Ads Manager KPI, we were able to turn Redwood Ranch into a fully booked wedding venue.



Pop-up Shops & Promotions

Your California - Berlin Connection


Are you in California and would love to give the German market a shot, since you have heard so much about Berlin? Or are you in Germany and have always wanted to set foot in the California market? Good thing we are bi-continental. We are well connected in both markets. Our extensive network of local event agencies, clubs, promoters and fashionistas will help create the hip launch you are going for. We will make sure your pop-up shop is in the perfect neighborhood for your brand and your event will create a hype!